Call for Abstracts 2017

Conference Kaupapa

“Advocating for our tamariki"

Our conference includes the day of the Government Election for 2017. So it’s appropriate that our conference theme is about the rights of children.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCROC) guarantees fundamental rights to children in the world, including tamariki in Aotearoa. Children’s rights under UNCROC include the right to grow up in an environment of happiness, love and understanding, to develop their personalities, abilities and talents, to have access to education and health care, and to have an opinion and for that opinion to be heard.

In home based ECE:

  • We advocate for tamariki and whānau
  • We know the value of home based learning for our youngest tamariki
  • We value the importance of play based learning
  • He tākaro te akoranga o te tamarikitanga. In childhood play is learning.


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