Survey Results Jan 2013

NZHBECEA Board listens to majority members mandate

The Board of the NZ Homebased ECE Association were delighted with the large number of responses to their latest survey.

Question 1

Why do you think Educators/Nannies/Au Pairs become involved in Homebased ECE?

The majority of Group One thought it was to provide Homebased learning “I hope we primarily become Educators to be able to give tamariki the skills and knowledge……”

Group Two thought that most Educators joined to earn extra income. However……..

Question 2

Asked what the respondents thought the purpose of Homebased ECE was.

Both groups gave roughly equal rating to:

A.Providing early learning and childcare and……..


Question 3

Asked about Educators own children.

“We assist Educators learn about the development of their own child learning alongside and with the group of children. The training supports…….”

Question 4

What would be the one most important part of Homebased ECE that you would change to improve quality learning?

Group One stated  ‘more training for Educators’ with ‘more resources for Educators in second place.

Group Two had a very clear preference for………..

To view the full results of this survey, please log in using your username and password. The Board is reflecting on these results currently. Future planning to support our members is being based upon the thoughts and opinions shared with them by our members through this valuable survey. Read More...