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“As you support the children in your care, let us support you”

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Vision and Objectives

The New Zealand HomeBase Childcare Association supports the provision of professional care and education for children in home-based settings and represents member’s interests through advocacy on relevant social, educational and political issues.


Membership types

You’ll enjoy the feeling of support and connection that comes from joining your national Association – the longest serving Early Childhood Education body that focuses solely on Home-based.

Supporting You

We are champions of the Home-based sector exclusively, working hard for the benefit of our members and for our most important clients, the children in our collective care.

About Us

We exist to ensure that the benefits of home-based education are understood and appreciated, to continually develop and promote our important profession and to advocate for and support our members.

When you join us, you’re joining the longest serving national association solely focused on the Home-based Early Childhood Education sector.

And more importantly, you’ll be joining a family who will support you and give you a voice in this industry.