Bizzy Buddyz Ltd

Bizzy Buddyz is a quality home based education and childcare service for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers in trained Educarers homes, servicing Whakatane, Edgecumbe, Matata, Kawerau, Waimana and Opotiki. Our trained Educarers are experienced in providing an environment where your child is valued and their needs recognised. “It is our aim to provide the best possible care and learning opportunities for children with quality Educarers and educational resources. Bizzy Buddyz is not just a babysitting service, but an opportunity for your child to experience full social and mental development.”

We value children in their own right as meaningful learners and individuals. They will be given opportunities to explore and develop their own concepts of the physical and natural world around them, continually developing their own understanding of the functions, influences and inter-relationships of the wider community. We will provide a secure, safe and stimulating environment to promote children’s learning in which they fell nurtured and have a sense of belonging.

While in home based childcare, your child will go on adventures, play games, and develop life-long friendships with other children in the group. But it’s not all fun and games!

Bizzy Buddyz children take part in a huge range of activities, and while they are great fun, they are all geared toward helping your child learn basic motor skills, develop social skills, and learn about the world around them. In short there is a method to the madness! Here are some great examples:

Working at the carpentry table:

When children work at the carpentry table they get the opportunity to develop confidence and challenge themselves to develop problem solving skills they can use for the remainder of their lives. They learn about qualities, textures, weight, volume, length, width, smell and touch.

Playing in the sandpit:

While playing in the sandpit children explore many mathematical concepts such as weight, volume, distribution, shape and pattern. They develop strategies for actively exploring and making sense of their world by using their bodies including active exploration with all their senses and the use of tools, equipment and materials to extend these skills. They learn about socialising, practising turn taking, listening, understanding another person’s point of view, discussing and negotiating.

At Bizzy Buddyz all of our many activities are great fun, but also geared toward helping your child develop emotionally, socially and intellectually.