Inland Revenue – Raising awareness of Working for Families changes

March 20, 2022

When we think of Inland Revenue, flying beds and superheroes in pumpkin suits don’t usually come to mind. 

But today Monday 21 March we launched our 2022 Working for Families marketing campaign [click here for the flyer in English, click here for the flyer in Te Reo] and with the help of children’s imaginations we’ve taken a different approach to raising awareness about Working for Families. We’re using children’s illustrations to show what they would do with an average payment from Working for Families. The premise is that children’s imaginations can come up with wonderfully creative things to do with money, but they may not necessarily understand the real difference that money can make to the wellbeing of their whānau.

Our Working for Families campaign aims to help connect more whānau with the support they are entitled to. We know there may be people in Aotearoa who are eligible for Working for Families but are yet to apply to receive it. We’re pointing whānau to our Working for Families online calculator to find out if they could qualify, with assurances that ’it only takes 5 minutes’ to complete.

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