Supporting You

We are champions of the Home-based sector exclusively, working hard for the benefit of our members and for our most important clients, the children in our collective care.

Explore this section to find out more about how we support and advocate for our members.

Representation and Lobbying

Our voice is the voice of our members, and we make sure it is heard at Government level

The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Social Development, the IRD and the Education Review Office (ERO) all consult directly with us on policy development.  

Our President and the Executive team meet regularly with the Minister and Ministry of Education and other Government agencies to discuss any issues affecting the Home-based sector, and we are frequently invited onto advisory committees and consultation groups, so we have direct input on decisions and initiatives that will effect Home-based childcare educators and services.    

We are also represented on the Early Childhood Advisory Council. 

Education Pathways

A fundamental aim of the Association is to help our members develop professionally, to continually improve the standard of Home-based childcare services in New Zealand.
To do this, we are committed to advocating for educational pathways for the home-based sector and giving our members access to top-quality, affordable training and qualifications that are relevant to your work with children.

Insurance Packages

We offer our Educator Members an insurance package of Public Liability and Statutory Liability cover – automatically included with your annual membership fee!

Remember, this is all tax deductible – as you can claim back your membership fees (and insurances) against your annual gross income as one-off costs.


What Our Members are Saying

Oh my gosh where do I start this is such an amazing association… Honestly I have never in my whole early childhood career had support like I have since joining… Since becoming a member, not only am I involved with the association, and get free advice and receive good professional development, but I also get professional advice when needed also when we need help, support and guidance and I mean really great help that I never thought was possible. 

As a home-based educator I have appreciated the benefits of belonging to the NZ Home-based Early Childhood Education Association.

Among these benefits the Insurance scheme has provided a specific to home-based business cover for my home, contents and vehicle. Public liability cover has given me peace of mind and the health cover is one that, although I haven’t had to make a claim on, I know has provided life-saving surgery for an educator.

Thank you for all your support