Our Constitution  and Code of Ethics

Please click here for a copy of our Constitution.

Our Code of Ethics exists to support the Association and its members in attaining the highest standards of professional service in the promotion of education in home-based settings.

The Code includes two kinds of standards – Cannons and Rules. Cannons are principles, model standards of exemplary professional behaviour. Under each of our five Cannons are a set of Rules – very specific standards that all members are expected to adhere to and uphold.

Our Rules stipulate the minimum level of conduct required of all members, regardless of membership type. Only a violation of specific Rules will constitute sufficient grounds for disciplinary action.

1. Advocacy

Exert every effort to maintain and raise professional standards. The primary professional obligation of members is to those they care for and teach.  


1.1 The member will develop and maintain professional relationships with clients and other members, treating colleagues and associates with respect, working with them co-operatively and collegially respecting their privacy and rights.

1.2 The member will contribute to the development of an open and reflective professional culture and advance the interests of the home-based profession through responsible ethical practice.


2. Diligence

Provide ongoing professional service and childcare.  


2.1 The member will remain informed of legislative changes related to the client-service relationship.

2.2 The member will contribute to the development and promotion of Association policy.

2.3 The member will be truthful when making statements about their qualifications and competencies.


3. Compliance

Obey all laws governing business and/or professional activities.


3.1 The member must comply with all relevant legislation.

3.2 The member shall be subject to disciplinary action for professional misconduct and has the duty to know and abide by the laws and regulations and all the legal limitations pertaining to their professional activities.

3.3 The member shall not disclose to any other person any confidential information entrusted to or obtained by the member in the course of the member’s business or professional activities, consistent with legal requirements – unless a disclosure of such information is required by law or is made to a person who necessarily must have the information in order to discharge legitimate occupational or professional duties.


4. Development

Continue educational development.


4.1 The member shall keep informed on all matters that are essential to the maintenance of the member’s professional competence in the area in which he/she specialises or claims expertise.

4.2 The member shall satisfy all minimum continuing education requirements set by the Association.

4.3 The member will base their professional practice on continuous professional learning and the best knowledge available about curriculum content and pedagogy.


5. Integrity

Maintain level of integrity expected of a professional. Avoid activities that detract from the integrity of the Association.  


5.1 The member is to accord due courtesy and consideration to those engaged in related professions who are also serving the client.

5.2 In the conduct of business or professional activities, the member shall not engage in any act or omission of a dishonest, deceitful, or fraudulent nature.

5.3 The member will respect and use intellectual property of the Association only for the purposes of enhancing their own practices and not to the detriment of the organisation or other members or for commercial gain at the expense of the Association.

5.4 Affiliate Service Members will:

• Not directly contact clients of other agencies

• Not offer incentives to contractors, nannies and families to change from one agency to another

• Not make it unduly difficult for educators to move from one agency to another

• Not engage/contract an educator or nanny from another Home-based agency who has children currently enrolled in their care unless the educator or nanny can show evidence that they have given 2 month notice of termination of agreements

5.5 Individual members employed within home-based agencies will not use Intellectual Property including client lists, documentation such as policies, forms etc. without the written permission of the original agency if they move from one agency to another or set up an agency of their own.

5.6 Individual members, who are contractors, shall not at any time during the period of their contracts with home-based service agencies or for a period of 6 months after termination of the agreement, for whatever reason, either on the contractors’ own account or for any other person, firm, organisation or company, solicit, endeavour to entice away from or discourage from being contracted by their previous company, or any other contractor or actual client/customer or prospective client/customer of said company

5.7 The member will speak out if the behaviour of another member is seriously in breach of this Code.