Vision and Objectives

One family, one voice.

He whänau kotahi, kotahi te reo.  

We exist to:

  • Enhance the professional status and perception of Home-based Early Childhood Education throughout our country.
  • To provide a powerful, united voice to liaise with government and other organisations. We represent and advocate for our members to protect and progress the Home-Based sector. Home-based educators have a right to participate and have their voice heard at a national and governmental level.
  • To foster the professional growth and development of the Home-based sector, through educational pathways and support programmes for our members.
  • To help our members come together – sharing knowledge and understanding, communicating and collaborating.
  • To be the industry ‘eyes and ears’ for our members, receiving and disseminating relevant information.

Our Mission Statement:

The New Zealand HomeBase Childcare Association supports the provision of professional care and education for children in home-based settings and represents member’s interests through advocacy on relevant social, educational and political issues.