What Our Families are Saying

Betje J Read

Oh my gosh where do I start this is such an amazing association… Honestly I have never in my whole early childhood career had support like I have since joining… Since becoming a member, not only am I involved with the association, and get free advice and receive good professional development, but I also get professional advice when needed also when we need help, support and guidance and I mean really great help that I never thought was possible.

We all have ups and downs and who do we call, the association – Carol who is the president of the New Zealand Home-Based Early Childhood Education Association, Amanda who is a board member, have supported me in so many ways I don’t know where to begin and don’t know how I can thank the association for all of the wonderful support. Where I am situated can be quite isolating and who do you turn to for advice – I go to The New Zealand Homebased Early Childhood Education Association who have supported me hugely in lots of areas needed.

The hard thing is we all have busy lives but the association is always helpful, available to support myself and other members as well. What a great association that helps us all in so many ways the list is endless.

If you are looking at joining this association don’t hesitate as its one you will not regret, support, guidance etc is what you will get and I can really vouch for that!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has provided me with the support, guidance so far and I know I will be asking again in the future and the support will be there.”

Tanya Wilson

As a home-based educator I have appreciated the benefits of belonging to the NZ Home-based Early Childhood Education Association.

Among these benefits the Insurance scheme has provided a specific to home-based business cover for my home, contents and vehicle. Public liability cover has given me peace of mind and the health cover is one that, although I haven’t had to make a claim on, I know has provided life-saving surgery for an educator.

I receive regular newsletters from the association informing and updating members of issues and relevant information regarding the early childhood sector at a national level. Every year I prepare my own tax return and using the online tax calculator available to members via the IRD certainly makes the work load easier.

I appreciate the opportunity for further professional development through attending the annual national home-based conference and take advantage of the reduced conference rates that are offered to association members.

At a local level there is also the opportunity for on-going professional development, networking and input into the association by attending regular ward meetings.